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It’s getting closer…yep the BIG day is almost he…

It’s getting closer…yep the BIG day is almost here and I have to say that I couldn’t be happier! Still so much to do and so little time! I have been busy making mini albums and putting them in altered boxes for each of the Grandma’s. The top of the box says Grandma’s Treasures. In each box there is a mini album for each grandchild. I am including photos of my kids in their albums but the rest are going to be blank so that they can fill them up (just didn’t have enough photos to fill them myself). I have the albums made and photos in but I still need to decorate the fronts of each album. I started these on Friday and have made 28 of them. I will post photos after the holiday. I have to finish these tonight since we are celebrating with our extended families tomorrow. We are having lunch with my family at noon and having dinner with Ken’s family later in the day.

Once the kids go to bed, I need to wrap the presents. Haven’t even started. And then prepare the foods that we are taking tomorrow. Thank goodness I making anything too difficult to put together! 😉

Have a Merry Christmas!!!


9 thoughts on “It’s getting closer…yep the BIG day is almost he…”

  1. Hi Shannon… wishing you and your family a very happy christmas and I sincerely hope santa brings you everything you wished for XXX

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