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So crazy!

Things have been so wacky here the past few weeks. I am finally getting a breather today! I have dropped Jackie off to school and she is going home with a little boy in her class that lives a few houses down for a play date. I am hoping to get some scrapping in because I am seriously behind in some of my DT stuff!!!

Speaking of which, I have decided to step down from my staff position at ScrapStreet. I have had so much fun there and it was a tough decision to make. But now I will have more time to dedicate to my design teams.

Next week is my last Daisy meeting and then we only have a few weeks of school left. I am really looking forward to summer vacation. I really had a lot going on this year and need a break! The thing I am most excited about for summer is going to Holly’s in August. I am taking the kids and we will be spending a week with her and her family!!! I can’t wait!!!


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