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Jacquelyn’s First Day of School!

Tuesday was Jacquelyn’s first day back to school…it was a half day so it wasn’t so bad for her except that part of getting up early! LOL! We started practicing the new routine over the last few weeks of summer vacation but I am not sure how much it helped out. The first morning was good because she was so excited to get to school but the rest of the week was rough since she wasn’t used to being at school the whole day.

Over the summer she decided that she no longer wants to be called Jackie or Jac this year – she wants to be called Jacquelyn. It sounds prettier she says. Although now it makes things confusing this year because she is in class with the other Jacquelyn S. again this year…she cried when she found out that they were in class together because she thought she would have to go back to Jackie. She even asked me to email her teacher to make sure it was still ok to go by her full name. Poor thing!

There are a lot of new things for Jacquelyn to get used to this year. She is doing so much better than I had expected which really makes me feel better ! This year she was separated from one of her best friends (Chloe) that she spent a ton of time with over the summer…it is sad but she seems to be dealing with it pretty well. Her other best friend (Payton) is in her class and she says that she is even closer with her now…they eat lunch together, play at recesses together, wait in the loop line together when we drop off in the morning and in the afternoon when we pick up. The one I really feel bad for is Chloe because BOTH of her best friends (Jackie and Payton) are in a different class and they are still together.

p1250008.jpg p1250010.jpgp1250013.jpgp1250015.jpg


3 thoughts on “Jacquelyn’s First Day of School!”

  1. Hey Shannon, nice to see you back on line!
    I’ve been wondering what happened to you!
    Tell Jackie Hi from all of us– I hope she is enjoying school!

    Let me know if you are ever on yahoo!

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