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Long time, No Blog

Hey everyone! Sorry it has been a long time but things were crazy here over the summer and I had stress overload! I signed Jacquelyn up for so much stuff this summer to keep her busy and ended up keeping myself just as busy. I was looking forward to having a fun, relaxing summer and didn’t. I didn’t even get to scrap for myself this summer…I was hired to do a 48 page paper bag album in a week back in June and after that I was burned out.
It was a rough summer but now that she is back to school and all day now, I am finally getting back on my feet. Funny how waking up early and not having to drive all over the place can give you all kinds of extra time to get things done! Although getting used to our new schedule is somewhat hard. We have never really been morning people so getting up at 6:30am isn’t the easiest…not to mention dealing with a crabby girl after being in school all day long! Each day gets a little easier but it will take a bit longer to get used to things.

Last week I talked to a dear friend who encouraged me to slowly get back into my scraproom…so I took her advice and cleaned up my room this week and last night I started a 2 pager. The first since June! YAY! I even made a trip to the new Archiver’s here that opened in July for the first time!!! Picked up some stamps, clear buttons, Basic Grey papers and some more thickers! I can’t wait to start using them!!!


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