Family, Kids, School Functions

Another Monday has come and gone…these days keep flying by so quickly! ESPECIALLY the weekend!!! I really wanted to get more done this past weekend but didn’t get the chance. Yesterday I made a last minute visit to my grandmother who is in the hospital…she broke her hip/leg over Labor Day weekend and is having complications so my sister asked me to go visit with her. I am so glad I did – we chatted about everything and it was nice to catch up with her.

I did get a 2 page and a single layout completed with another started (hopefully, I can finish it up tomorrow). I forgot how nice it was to scrap and how it really just relieves my daily stresses. I will upload photos tomorrow as they are on my laptop and can’t get to them from the computer here upstairs.

Tomorrow is picture day at Jacquelyn’s school. She is rather excited and wants her hair just so…she got a crimper over the summer and loves it, so she was talking about having her hair crimped. Not too sure about that yet but we will see. 🙂 She also has a pizza party after school for the summer reading program and then Wednesday we have our first Brownie meeting – busy week!

Anyhow, I am off…heading for a nice, hot aromatherapy bath and heading to be early!!! Not used to these early days yet!!!


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