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Lost one, gained one

Jackie lost her 6th tooth last night. She was so excited she ran out to the living room and said it was about to come out. It surprised me big time because I didn’t even know it was loose! She ran to the bathroom and came back out hold the little tooth in her hand. Thankfully she forgot to see if the Tooth Fairy came before she left for school because the TF completely forgot to put her on the list! Needless to say, the Tooth Fairy snuck in her room during school hours..and she was a happy camper when she got home!

I will post a picture later (I have it on my laptop).

As for the gained one part…I was lucky to stumble upon a new site. It is newly open but I can tell it will be a great one. It is called ScrapCity (I added the link to my side bar). Check it out! If you decide to join, please mention that I referred you! Thanks!!!

Have a great Monday night everyone!!!


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