New Addition to the Family!!!

Yesterday morning I woke up to find that Jackie’s beloved Betta fish (Angie) had died. Poor thing! I didn’t want to tell her before school because I didn’t want her to emotional all day long. After working the book fair, we were headed to the car and I broke the news to her. She immediately broke into tears and asked if she was still in her tank so she could say goodbye. Back in 2005, she had a gerbil who passed away while she was staying at her aunt’s house for the weekend so she never got to say goodbye to her…she is still sad about that. She was glad that this time she could say her goodbyes…she sat beside the toilet telling the fish that she loved it and she would never forget her. I know it was only a fish but it was incredibly sad to see Jackie so upset like this. 😦 I asked her if she wanted to go get another fish and she said no…she wanted a hamster.

So after dance class, we stopped off at Pet Smart and she instantly fell in love with the cutest little hamster!!! She looked up at me with those sad little eyes and I just couldn’t say no. We ended up buying it a new cage too – not sure where the one we had for the gerbil went and this one is even better because it is PINK! The hamster is a boy but she wants to “pretend” it is a girl since they didn’t have any girl hamsters at the store. She named it Zoey.

Here are a few pictures that I took of Zoey this morning…he is getting used to us and so I am a little iffy about picking it up. But the gal at Pet Smart said it would take about a week for him to feel at home with us.

p1250309.jpg p1250303.jpg p1250310.jpg

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2 thoughts on “New Addition to the Family!!!”

  1. Cute hamster..make sure you hold him lots to help him get used to being handled! I had one in my classroom several years ago and because he never got used to being held he was MEAN! And not nearly as cute as yours!

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