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More Stamps and some news!!!

WOW! I am SO, SO excited!!! Last week, I received an email from one of the lss with all of the store information and there was an ad looking for Design Team members. I didn’t think anything of it at first but then tonight I opened the email again and called the store for details. The owner was super nice and told me I could either email 3 layouts to her or bring them in…so I decided to go there in person. I am SO glad I did…I took my 3 favorite layouts (Adore, Sweet Dreams & 2 of a Kind – which are in my April gallery on the side)! She LOVED them and said I was exactly what she is looking for!!! YAY! She and another gal are making the final decisions but I should expect a call-back to be on the team!!! How cool is that?

On top of this excitement…I found the Winter Holiday set of the Studio G clear stamps (the dollar ones from Michael’s and Joann’s)!!! She had 22 of the 24 so I got all of the ones she had!!! Check out the picture below!!! She also gave me a heads up that the next set coming out is a Birthday set. She said she had just ordered them – another bonus to being on this team is the 25% discount…drops these babies to 75 cents!!!

Here are the lovely winter Holiday stamps…


Thanks for stopping by!!! 🙂


11 thoughts on “More Stamps and some news!!!”

  1. wow, congrats shannon that’s awesome news. working for a lss is really great, the 25% discount really pays off lol 🙂 congrats again…

  2. Good Luck Shannon! Being on an LSS is AWESOME, you’re going to just love it. Those stamps are great, you can’t beat the price. I’ll have to check my local M’s.

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