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Much better!!!

I have been sick for nearly two weeks but after the awesome sleep I got last night, I feel SO much better!!! Don’t you just love waking up feeling refreshed? I had planned getting to bed earlier than I did but that didn’t seem to matter nor did it matter than I fell asleep on the couch. But hey, I am not complaining!!!

Last night I went up to I Luv Scrapbooking (the lss that I DT for)…I talked with the owner (Debbie) about assignments, expectations and all that jazz. She is SUPER nice and said we pretty much can do what we want. We have to do 3 creations a month and have full use to the tools/machines that they have at the store, use supplies from the store supply cabinet, stamps, etc. I get everything I need for those 3 creations for free and get 25% off the other stuff I buy!!! She also said I can go through all of the catalogs she orders from and let her know if there is anything I would like ordered!!! Very, very cool!!! So tomorrow, I will be going to my first crop there – so excited!!! I picked out stuff for my first layout last night – gonna work on that today so that I can take the layout with me tomorrow. Now to order these pictures and get scrapping!!!

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by! 🙂



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