ScrapFreak Blog Challenge 11/16

Chickie Shannon posted a blog challenge yesterday to list 11 things that we are thankful for. You can see the details here. So here is my list…

1. My Health…haven’t really had too many serious issues this year other than sinus junk!

2. My wonderful husband…he is so good to me! He is such a great father, husband, provider and he likes to spoil me and the kids!!! πŸ™‚

3. My little princess, Jacquelyn…she is at that age where she can do everything herself and hates when we offer to help her with something…but she also comes and loves to snuggle up with her mommy. And she is always coming up telling me she loves me and that I am her best friend.

4. My little guy, Benjamin…man he is a holy terror but he is my holy terror! He is full of energy and always says the funniest things! He is such a smarty pants and loves to play jokes. He is also a snuggle bug and constantly wants mommy’s lovin’.

5. My family…no matter what they do or say, they are my family and I love them.

6. My friends…love them to death!!! I know I can always go to them if I need to talk – they are great for advice or just venting!!!

8. My home…I LOVE my home. It is just so cozy and so me. I am thankful that we have this home to raise our family in.

9. My Brownie Troop…even though the parents can be a pain sometimes, I LOVE working with these girls. They all get along so well and really care for each other. It makes me so happy when they tell me how much they love being in Girl Scouts and how much fun they have.

10. My laptop…without my computer, I wouldn’t be able to visit my favorite sites or talk to my best friend every day. I love being able to share my love for this hobby and not have to feel silly.

11. Scrapbooking…without scrapbooking I am sure I would have no hair! It is my stress reliever after having a hard day.

So what are you thankful for?


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