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So much to add here!!!

I have been so bad with updating my blog…I need to make myself a reminder every day! Last week was a busy one here and this week is looking to be the same. I can’t wait for Christmas vacation because I really need a break from all of this craziness!!!

Last Wednesday, my Brownie troop decorated cardboard boxes for Kitty forts to be donated to the local Humane Society. They had a ton of fun but let me tell you it was one messy meeting!!! Since we did not have school yesterday, we took a field trip to drop the kitty forts off and got to take a tour of the facility. The girls said it was their favorite field trip so far this year – wouldn’t it figure to be the free one! LOL!

Here is a group photo I took yesterday of all of the girls with their kitty forts…


Friday we went to the OPC (Older Persons Community) for a Santa Stroll. We went with Ken’s family and had a great time. This was the first year since Jacquelyn was a baby that she sat on Santa’s lap. My brave little girl!!! Ben on the other hand, has loved Santa for years and never really had a problem with sitting on his lap. The kids got their faces painted (Ben got his hand painted), the wrote a letter to Santa, there was a bake sale so we got some goodies and had dinner with the family. Great fun!!!

Here are some pictures from that….

ben-with-santa-fri.jpg jac-with-santa-fri.jpg grandkids.jpg lights.jpg

Saturday morning my sister called me and asked if we would meet them to see Santa (again) downtown. I really didn’t want to but the kids were excited to go…that is until we got there! But with a little bribery (Starbuck’s peppermint hot chocolate) they were all set to go. Jackie had a birthday party that afternoon and then later we had a movie night…we watched Shrek 3, Santa Clause 3 & Polar Express. It was a great day!

Here are a couple pictures from this Santa trip…

ben-with-santa.jpg jac-with-santa.jpg kids-with-santa.jpg me-with-kids.jpg


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