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Been busy…

I have spent the last few days cracking down and working on the handmade Christmas gifts. I still have lots to get done but am feeling good about what I have done so far. Thankfully I found Sheetload of Cards because I have been using the recipes in the past E-zines!!! For the teachers and some of DH’s co-workers I am making a set of 6 cards and have them in a card portfolio to hold them. I also made a set for my last DT assignment at the lss. I also made one of the many photo clips on my list for one of the gals at DH’s work – her son plays basketball.

Here are some pictures…

Basketball Photo Clip


Chocolate Kisses by Rusty Pickle Card Set (6 cards & holder – not completed yet)

p1270762.jpg  p1270761.jpg  p1270765.jpg  p1270767.jpg

 This set is by it’s self right now…made them with scraps from last month’s DT stuff.


And here is the card holder & set for this months DT assignment at the lss.

p1270770.jpg   p1270772.jpg

Ok, I have to get off this laptop of mine and get working on more projects!!! If I am not around the boards much – you know why! LOL!

Thanks for stopping by! 🙂


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