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Some Christmas Goodies!!!

As you all know, I have been busy working on Christmas gifts. I have ALL of the presents that need to go to Jackie’s school done and will be taking them up there today when I volunteer in the class. YAY! Also have a good portion of the presents done for Ken’s work…but have to finish them up tonight as tomorrow is his last day this week.

Here are pictures of the things I have made…

These are 2 more of the cards that are in the card set to the teachers. The 6th one will be up on the Sketches blog tomorrow! Check it out!!! For the rest of these I used the Sheetload E-Zine! The third picture is the card sets put together in their little portfolios. I actually made 6 of them but Jackie took one to her art teacher on Tuesday.

This is a photo clip for Jackie’s teacher made with a binder matches the papers for the card set.
Here are some things for DH’s work gifts…
And these are for my Brownie Co-Leaders.

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