Been MIA!

WOW! What a crazy time of year…I am so glad that Christmas is over. Even though I had a wonderful holiday. This year I was bogged down with projects to make for everyone that I got stressed out. Next year I am going to be better about starting presents earlier in the year.

We had a great Christmas here…Thursday before, we went to DH’s Dad’s place and celebrated with them. It was nice since we don’t see them too often. The kids had fun opening and playing with the presents that their aunt & uncles got them.  Christmas Eve we went to my MIL’s house and had a lovely dinner. The kids got a ton of stuff and we all had a blast. When we got home we had to finish wrapping gifts and clean the house because at the last minute my parents decided to come over on Christmas Day.

Christmas morning, the kids slept in…odd kids I have here. I woke up and it was 8am and they were still sleeping. I decided to wake them at 8:30 but they woke up right before. I was laying on the couch and it was so cute to hear…”Oh, that is SO cool!” DH put Ben’s Craftsman workbench together and that was the first thing he saw.  He didn’t want to open any other presents. 🙂 Jackie was excited to see her Bratz make up case…but she did mention how she got a lot more presents last year. Little snot! I had to explain to her that as she gets older presents get more expensive so she will probably keep getting less.LOL! Her big gift this year was an Ipod…purple with her name engraved on it. She loved it!!!

I got some awesome gifts myself…my kids bought be a beautiful earring/necklace set of my birth stone (peridot). DH got me a binding machine with a ton of binding clips!!! I am really excited about this gift!!! The cool thing is that I can use the wire bindings too! YAY! He also got me a laminating machine…because I didn’t have one he said. LOL! And lots of the laminating sleeves in different sizes! Love it!!! I got another 1 GB SD card for my camera and some scrapping supplies from ScrapFreak!!! From family/friends I got sweaters, slipper socks, my favorite….velvety jogging suit from MIL.  Money, Gift card for Archiver’s that is already spent. Great, great stuff!!!

Here are some pictures from our Christmas celebrations…

The kids Christmas Eve

Christmas Day
Hope you all had a wonderful holiday!!! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Been MIA!”

  1. Yup I got bogged down with projects myself and Im not going to do that in 2008….
    Girl just stopped in to wish you and your family a Happy New year!

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