Photo Back-ups?

Have you backed your photos up recently?

Last month I learned the hard way that this is something so important to do…my laptop crashed and the last time I had backed up was in August. I kept telling myself that I needed to but somehow, couldn’t find the time. I was so blessed to have had s couple things uploaded on our family computer like Jackie’s 1st day of school this year, our trip to the zoo right before school started…BUT I lost everything from mid-September until Thanksgiving. It was hard to think about the amazing photos that were lost – fall is my favorite time of year and all of those are gone. I do have a handful of my favorite pictures that I had to print right away but Halloween, pumpkin picking and a few other events were not able to be saved. I am thankful that DH was able to recover some of the photos that I had uploaded from my SD card the day before this all happened.

Anyhow, this is my sob story and believe me, I cried for 2 1/2 days straight about this (my DH didn’t understand why). So please learn from my mistake and remember to back up those photos on a regular basis. Guess what I am doing this lovely Friday night? Yep, making some CD’s…one for my cd case, one for the safe and one to go to my sister’s house just in case.

Live and learn.



3 thoughts on “Photo Back-ups?”

  1. Shannon….when tax time comes Im going to be on the hunt for an external hard drive, since this happened to you it has opened my eyes….I would be so upset just like you were!

  2. I’m so sorry!! I haven’t done this…and everytime I read one of these posts I just know one of these I’m going to be sorry I haven’t gotten around to it yet.

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