A NEW toy!!!

Friday night I had asked DH how long it had been since I had gotten my camera. I have a Panasonic Lumix and it is wonderful but I had been wanting an upgrade since so many online pals have been talking about cameras. He said that it had been a while and to start looking around for what I wanted because once tax money came in, we could get a new one. I had simply said,”Ok, but I know I want a Canon”

So guess what he came home with last night? Yep…a new camera!!! He said he was looking at all the cameras they had at Best Buy and this was the one he liked best for me. It is a Canon Power Shot S5 IS. He also bought me a 4 GB SD HC card and 2 sets of rechargeable batteries with a charger. I am so excited to play with it!!! πŸ™‚

Here is a picture from the Canon site of my beautiful camera!!!



10 thoughts on “A NEW toy!!!”

  1. YUPPERS you know Im a huge FAN! LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Have you been able to play around with it! You have such a nice hubby!

  2. This is the camera I am going to purchase next week!!! I am just waiting for the money to arrive in my checking account from my Paypal account. I can’t wait! Have fun with your new toy!

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