What a scare!!!

This morning I awoke to Jackie screaming at the top of her lungs that the hamster had escaped from his cage! This is something I didn’t want to hear because I got this awful stomach bug yesterday and still feel crappy. To give you a little background here…Jackie’s room is/was a pit!!! One could not even see the floor in there. SO first thing on the to-do list was to clean that disaster and we did with no luck of finding him. After her room was done I decided to nap on the couch while she helped Ben clean his room. About 45 minutes later, I heard another scream…Mommy, come quick! They found the little guy and when I got in there he was wedged between the desk part of the bunk bed and the wall. About 10-15 minutes later we had him back in his cage. YAY!!!

here is a picture of the little guy…but Jackie calls it a girl. LOL!



2 thoughts on “What a scare!!!”

  1. LOL- I had hamsters when I was younger! Be very happy that he/she only escaped- one time I brought home my new ‘him’ hamster only to awake the next morning to 10 little pink baby hamsters in the cage!!! Luckily the pet store bought them back from me!
    Hope all is well your way-
    I’ve called a couple of times!! Hope you fair through the cold/ flu season super fast!! Josh woke up this morning with an awful tummy bug!!!

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