Jackie’s 7th Birthday

My baby girl turned 7 last week! Seems like yesterday when I was in the hospital having to be induced because my blood pressure skyrocketed. Now she is such a beautiful, independent, young lady!!!

This year was slightly harder to pick out a gift for her. She had mentioned a few weeks ago that she wanted a camera…a big girl camera. I am constantly catching her with my camera and the photos she takes are really pretty good. SO we decided to get her the camera that she wanted. The pink one! 🙂

Here is the one we got her…

Since she couldn’t wait until after school to open her gifts we told her that she would have to wake up at 6am so that Daddy could also see her open them. I couldn’t believe it when she was actually up – I didn’t even have to say anything to her. She ran to the living room, grabbed her presents and opened them. Her hair was messy and she had some mismatched clothes that she wore to bed but here are a couple of pictures from that morning.

Later that morning, we went to Jackie’s school for her class Poetry Cafe. It was cute! The class was working on a Poetry unit and spent a few weeks writing poems. They each had to pick their favorite and then read it in front of parents & other family/friends.

After the Poetry Cafe, Benny and I took Jackie out to lunch. We actually brought it back and ate with her class in the cafeteria. She was so happy to have us there with her. I know she won’t feel that way for too much longer. LOL! We had a mini photo shoot after school.

Here are a some of my favorites…

That evening she had ballet and we went out with a few friends afterwards.

We had her birthday party at the bowling alley this year. She had a blast!!! She had 20 some of her closest friends celebrate with her. I made bowling themed chocolate suckers for the kids and also some cute cupcakes also using the chocolates! 🙂

Here are just a few photos from her party.

Thanks for stopping by!!!


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