Soccer pics…

It was sunny but really windy and cold today for Jackie’s soccer game. The girls were shivering and I felt so bad for them. Not to mention they were playing against a scary group of girls. The other team had black lines under their eyes. For a minute, I thought we were at a football game. LOL! They didn’t play fair either…but at their level they don’t keep score or ref the game. It was pretty crappy…not sure what the score ended up being. *sigh*

Anyhow, here are some pictures I took today. I did 3 different poses per girl and then some team photos. I did blur the faces in the team photo. I know my Brownie girls that are on the team are ok but there are som girls that I don’t really know.

Now I need to go in and edit everyone’s photos and get them ordered. Fun stuff!!! 🙂


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