Happy Mail!

I always love getting happy mail…I am supposed to get 2 more days worth too this week! *giggle* Today’s mail lady brought me the Fiskar’s Threading Water punch!!! I have spent so much time looking for it and then I read over at 2peas that someone had found them at the Archiver’s near me. So I called to see if they had anymore there and they told me no. Not sure about the A’s near you but the employees don’t always know the brands or specific products when I have asked them. That day my friend Sara was up at A’s working on a project so I gave her a call and she was able to get one for me.

Anyhow, I had to make a run out to Flower Factory for some supplies for my last Brownie meeting and thought that I would see what new stuff I could find. Any excuse to go to Archiver’s, right? 🙂 And guess what I found while I was there? Yep, one Threading Water punch!!! I bought it and now it has a new home in CA with my friend Beffy!

I got to play around with it a bit today and I just love it!!! If you are on the fence about getting one…I say get it!!!


1 thought on “Happy Mail!”

  1. Seems like everyone is crazy over this punch…LOL Im not into punches……infact I have a hand full that I will be getting rid of…..
    Cant wait to see what you create with it!

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