Another Year has come and gone…

Yep, my baby girl is now a 2nd grader. So sad for this mommy…I want her to stay little forever!!! Jackie’s last day of school was on Thursday. I really didn’t get too emotional for most of the day but after we came home from the big picnic some of the mom’s and I planned I got this empty feeling in my stomach. Last year it was such a change with being in the classroom so much but we were pretty much not allowed to come in this year but only a few times…so disappointing!!!

76 more days of summer vacation!

While I am extremely sad about the girl growing up…it makes things a little rougher on me having her home. Jackie and Ben were fighting within minutes of getting home on Thursday. And there has been a lot more fights since then. Thankfully though this morning has started out fairly quiet (knock on wood).

This summer we don’t have too many plans…last year I got so burned out from all of the running that I decided to have a pretty laid back one this year. We will go to play dates at the park or beach, the $1 movies with friends, the zoo and other museums but no dance classes or sports. We are hoping to get up to Mackinac Island this summer too (a few times) but we don’t have anything scheduled just yet.

I posted pictures on ScrapFreak of Jackie on her first day and then also her last so here they are:

First Day

Last Day

Jackie had a serious melt down in the morning and started crying. She didn’t want her pictures taken because the sun was supposedly in her eyes (which it wasn’t) it was just that she went to bed really late the night before. Had to make the photo B&W because her face was all red…you can tell in her eyes that she was crying. Little Brat! *giggle*

Now in Mr. Ben news…the little dude is writing his own name. He is so excited about it!!! He asked me to show him how to write it and he just looked at the letters and started writing himself. He did the same with the numbers 1-5. Smart little cookie!!!

And of course I had to take a picture of his first writings…

Since we will be having a lazy summer here…I will try my hardest to keep this blog updated! Thanks for stopping by!!!


4 thoughts on “Another Year has come and gone…”

  1. Awwww she’s adorable. I know how you feel. It’s so hard to watch our kiddos grow up. I hope you have a good summer without too much bickering. 😉

  2. You can tell from those photos just how much Jackie has grown up this year and how clever is Ben. Well done mate.

    I hope you have a wonderful school break with the kids.

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