Summer is gone…

and we had the first day of school here today! It was a bittersweet day…there is now going to be less bickering and fighting between the kiddos but my little girl is now in the 2nd grade! Yikes!!!! How did that happen so fast?

Jackie had a great first day…it was a half day so she only had to be there for 3 hours. We ill see how she likes being back to school after a whole day tomorrow. Her teachers name this year is Mr. Anderson and he is her first male teacher. He seems like a really great guy and he not only greeted each student when they walked in the class but he also took the time to go to each one before they left to say bye! I guess the other 2nd grade teachers were upset by him doing this because he was holding up their dismissal procedure. Oh well…I think that makes him a great teacher to make the kids feel comfortable in their new class with him.

Anyhow here are some of the traditional first day photos that we took for Jackie as a 2nd grader!!! 🙂

On the front porch…

The Backpack…
My favorite picture of the morning…Jackie’s idea for this one. 🙂
A Close up…
The walk….
Jackie by the school sign…
Little Miss at her desk…boy does she look small!!!
Jackie and her teacher…

After school we went to the park and had a picnic with some friends. It was nice but far too hot! The kids were sweating and had bright red faces so we couldn’t stay out too long today. It was great fun!


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