So far, so good!

We have now been back in our routine for 2 1/2 days and everyone seems to be adjusting pretty well…all except Ben. He was so used to the “sleepovers” that they had in each others rooms during the summer. Now this is ony ok on the weekends. He has been having serious issues getting to bed, staying in his room and sleeping all night. Poor guy! Hopefully next week will be a little easier on him.

Jackie loves school, her new classmates and her teacher! She was however pretty ticked off at her student teacher yesterday…they were working on a Sequence worksheet. It was pictures of a girl starting her first day of school. They started numbering some of the pictures for the students and then they had to complete the order. Jackie had it finished correctly and the student teacher told her it was wrong and so she redid it. When her teacher checked it he gave her a check minus for wrong answers. I went over the paper with her when she got home and you can see ALL of the correct answers erased. I felt bad for her but I told maybe next time if she really feels they correct, leave them. I really didn’t know what else to say to her about it. It is so irritating!

Yesterday we got this parent packet from the teacher. Man I was in shock to see what they will be expected to do this year. You go from 1st grade with no real tests to second grade with spelling tests, math tests, science/social studies/health tests! EEK! From what I gather, Jackie’s teacher gives a lot of homework…wonder if it is really true? She seems to be doing great with the work she is bringing home (math, writing numbers, etc)…she did have some issues with one paper today but she said they were rushed so she got confused. And then she had a meltdown…gotta love the emotions with little girls!!!

Anyhow, the kiddos are to bed. The house is quiet…I think I will relax and watch some tv!

Good night!


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