Me, Myself & I

Everything must come to an end…

and today my employment with Old Navy has. I am a little bummed about it. I knew I was hired in as seasonal when I started in November but I realy having issues with how unprofessional the managerment there is. I should have been red flagged when I got hired in with the rush training, lack of training but hey, it was something new. I haven’t worked in a few years. Thursday night I received my schedule for the next week with zero hours. I freaked…I mean we were supposed to get a “review” and then they would tell us if we would become a permanent employee. I never got my review – just pulled into the office when I clocked out today and the one manager said “Today is your last day, we don’t need you anymore. It’s nice knowing you”. Nice!!!

What bothers me is that when I was hired she told us that if we didn’t call off, did good work we would get hired in. Yeah, right! I was always complimented on my work, never called off, was never late EVEN went in when I had a nasty stomach virus because I worried that it would go against me.  Silly me!!!

I know this is best for me in the long run. It wasn’t meant to be but I am still hurt but how they handled this whole situation. I am better off not working for management so terrible. The people there  were great – the management was the worst that I have ever experienced in my whole working career.

I have done my venting…I am feeling better and pretty much over this whole thing. I am gonna head out in awhile for some retail therapy!!! 😀



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