Back to Normal…

I guess that is what I can call it…normal routines. I was really dreading this morning but all & all it went pretty well. I was up before the alarm clock went off (probably since I went to bed so early last night) and Jackie was pretty easy to get up too. She was a little pokey but not too ba And things were easier because it is not my week to drive – didn’t have to get Ben or myself ready. 😉

The best thing of all is that I finally got to watch a few shows that have been recording. Most of my shows are recorded on the DVR in my bedroom and I really haven’t had a chance the past 2 weeks to watch anything. It was nice just to relax a bit. But then it was back to work…cleaning, laundry, emails, phone calls.

Ben on the other hand is totally bored with his sister at school. Wants me to play instead of cleaning. *sigh* I would love to just play with him all day but it just isn’t in the cards for today. He can’t wait to go pick up his sister in an hour. Hopefully she is in a good mood when she returns home. *giggle*

As much as I loved the vacation time, it is nice to be back on our normal routine!!!



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