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New Chore Chart for the Kiddos!

I  have been talking with my friend Sara the past few days about chores for the kids and a good way to make sure that they do them daily. This past weekend one of the projects at ScrapFreak’s New Year’s Green Freakfest was to make a message center with a cookie sheet. I have made a Kaper Chart for my scouts using this idea but for my kids, I wanted a little cup for them to put each chore in as they get done. Each morning the chores will go back up.

I went to 3 stores today in search of cheap cookie sheets and finally found them at Walmart with the help of some ScrapFreak pals – thanks girls!!!

Here is the final project…although I think I am going to add flowers to it tomorrow. *giggle*


Jackie had already cleaned her room so she put that chore in the cup. The kids are so excited for this system…hope it works! 🙂



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