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What a weekend!

It hasn’t been the most exciting weekend but it has been somewhat busy here. It was nice not having to work but I miss getting out of the house too. Lots to post about today (since I missed yesterday).

On Friday my mom called to tell me she was up at Joann’s and that they had a hiring sign up. I had worked there for a year a couple of years back so she thought it would be something that I would be interested in. Of course she was right – so while waiting to pick the kids up from school I called the manager. It was a pleasant chat – she was excited to hear from me and said that she has someone leaving and needed to find a replacement for her. She asked me to come up to the store this weekend to fill out an application and ask to speak with her. So yesterday I did just that! The smile on the managers face was great – she said it was perfect timing for her! She knows I am a hard worker – I know the policies there and other than learning their new computer system I know how things run there. She said I will be getting a call by either her or the schaeduling manager to get things going. YAY! I may not have to work for a few weeks until this gal leaves but I am fine with that. Just glad to have a job that I am gonna love again!!!

Yesterday I also made a trip to the fruit market – got lots of healthy stuff and then came home to chop it all up. Easy access at snack times!!! We really plan on eating healthier this year. We rarely eat fast food but I know there are changes that can be made. One thing that I have been wanting was a rice/veggie steamer…found one on sale at Target!!! Used it for a delicious/healthy dinner last night and I have to say I am in love!!! I am going to use it all the time!!!

Today Ken said goodbye to his 1952 Buick Roadmaster and hello to the 1923 Bucket T that he swapped. The guy trailered it here this morning. Ken is totally excited about it because he wants to transform it into a “Rat Rod”. After breakfast he went back out to the garage and started take it apart for his new project.

Here is the Buick…

img_20121And here are some pictures of the Bucket T…





Have a wonderful Sunday!!!



1 thought on “What a weekend!”

  1. Congras on the new job!
    That Buick is Gorgeous but the Model T will be so much fun! You all will have so much fun! Enjoy!!!!

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