Girl Scouts

Manic Monday…

I really have a hard time with Monday’s when it is a Girl Scout week. I always have so much to do for the meeting or things to plan that I usually end up sitting at the computer and needless to say the housework gets put on hold. We are working in a new book that our Council put out for us this year called Brownie Quest. The good thing about this book is that they have the sessions all planned out for us. So all really that needs to be done is copies made or going to pick up the supplies for the meeting. Today I have everything marked that needs to be copied & printed out some other forms that need to be copied too.

Tuesday is my running day for scouts. I only have 2 stops for tomorrow…Staples and the Scouting Council shop. The girls have earned their first patch for this Quest so we will have a mini ceremony and pass the patch out. How fun!

I am already looking forward to the weekend!!! Thank goodness the kids have Friday off! 😉


2 thoughts on “Manic Monday…”

  1. Wait…. You only meet once a month?!?! Our Daisy troop is meeting EVERY week! It’s driving me CRAZY! LOL And you got a book? Our troop leaders don’t have any books! We’re a Daisy/Brownie/Junior troop, so maybe that’s why we don’t have a book. Any suggestions on where to get a Daisy tunic for a good price (used will work too!)
    Good luck on your cookie sales! (when is your sales period?) DD has already sold over 60 boxes just for her initial order! YEAH! We’ve gotta go back out this weekend and sell more! Hee hee!

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