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Summer Fun & Lots of Goodies

Recently at work we redid the scrapbook section which means they have to get rid of the older stuff. It has been clearanced for some time but at Joann we usually do 3 markdowns before we donate to charity. With not scrapping I hadn’t really paid much attention to the clearance this year. When I saw a great deal, I would buy something…well, we have some awesome deals right now!!!

Here are some pictures of the goodies I have picked up recently…

There are only a few non-clearance items in these 2 pictures but I still got them on sale!!! Plus discount…not too shabby! Most of these things were 25 cents, 50 cents or 97 cents!!!

And my awesome deal is this little cart. Regular $80. Someone brought it back and said it was damaged…the bars bent and the bins discolored. I looked it over and didn’t see anything wrong with it so I picked it up at damaged price (which is non-refundable). With tax $10.60!!! Best part of it – there was NOTHING wrong with it!!!

Right now I have it upstairs in the dining room holding stuff for the mini album that I am working on. My friend Melissa has been coming over to scrap and my room downstairs (and the basement itself) is not ready for guests. It is working out great because I just throw the stuff right in when I am done.  🙂

Now for some summer fun goodness…the kids were outside playing in the sprinkler and I had to take some pictures, they were just looking too darn cute.

Can’t wait to scrap these and all the other ones that I got today!!!


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