Ten on Ten

I heard about this photo project this morning on here on ScrapChicks…Monica made a post about it and it sounds super cool!!! On the 10th of every month you are supposed to take a photo every hour for 10 hours…since I work today (and don’t think they’d appreciate if I brought my camera in)…I cannot take a photo every hour but I can take one every half hour as Monica suggested. You can check out the full details here.
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Will keep updating with the pictures I have taken today…

So I took my first picture at noon…I love seeing the flowers come up after such a snowy winter!!!Β  πŸ™‚

12:30 – I was looking around outside for something to take a picture of and my cat, Penny was sitting in the window and meow’d when I walked by…

1pm – Lefover waffles from breakfast…the kids are going after them a 2nd time around!

off to take more pictures….

1:30pm – My beautiful children enjoying the 75+ degree weather we are having here today!!!

2pm – our new BBQ that we got a few weeks ago. Used it a coupleΒ  of times already – love the warm weather for our BBQ’s & bonfires!

2:30pm – my sweet boy playing by the ponds

3pm –Β  more pretty green flowers sprouting from the ground. Spring is my turning into my favorite time of year!!!

more coming soon…

3:30pm – my pup, Akira…he is chow/akita mix, hates being outside and is mad today since he isn’t allowed back in the house until tonight since it is so beautiful outside!!! LOL!

4pm – The neighbor has 2 pygmy goats…Fritz and Zuccas. They love having us outside to come pet them. πŸ™‚

4:30pm – my sweet girl…she loves the tire swing still at almost 10 years old. πŸ™‚ She is such a goof…changed her clothes about 3 times today!

Ok so that was fun!!! I got a lot of cool photos today. I will be prepared next month to take them every hour instead of half hour…it seemed like there was no break for taking pictures. πŸ™‚ I can’t wait to go and look at everyone’s photos!!!

Have a great one!



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