A Rainy Saturday…

The past two days I have opened at work and I tell you that shift (5:30am-2pm) wears me out more than any of the other shifts that I work. I had to leave a little before 1 today so I wouldn’t go into overtime, picked up the boy from a birthday party and then went right down for a nap! Still feel tired but one of my close friends is coming over for dinner for her birthday. Dinner is at the neighbors…Jackie is making Melissa’s birthday cake since she took a cake decorating class and is now a pro! 🙂 Will take a picture of her creation later.

So it is rainy here, not feeling motivated so I picked up my Kindle. I LOVE this thing!!! My husband gave it to me last year for our 10th Anniversary.It really has to be one of my favorite presents he has ever given to me. I have spent a lot of money on some of my favorite books and I have even gotten hooked on series after reading a freebie book. I can spend hours(like today) playing on Amazon going through the free books. I have found a few good ones. Picked up Water for Elephants for 4 bucks!!! Can’t wait to read all of this goodness!!!

I just finished up a book called Love, Unexpectedly by Susan Fox. It was one of the freebies I downloaded awhile back…not a typical book I would read but it was good. I must be a prude because some of the sexual language she used bothered me at times. Such is life…I am just enjoying spending some down time reading. 🙂

Off to spend some time with my kindle….



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