Monday, Monday…

Not much to report on today…worked, cleaned, surfed the web…and now I am sitting here watching a Harry Potter marathon while crocheting. I started an afghan  last month for the girl and REALLY want to finish it. One blog I was reading on today (can’t remember which one) made a separate page of “to make” things. Once completed she marked it with done. With all of the cool stuff out there, I am thinking that I need to start a list myself along with a list of projects in the making…I have so many that are not finished.So within the next few days, I will be adding pages to this blog. 🙂

I have some pictures to share that I have taken the past few days but that will have to wait until tomorrow. I need to get on my other computer and I am just too darn comfy right now to do that. LOL!

I am off to do some more crocheting…I am hoping to be done with this project tomorrow!



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