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It’s Friday!!!

I cannot believe how fast this week has gone by. It seems like I have either been at work or I am catching up on sleep!!! I can’t wait to have 2 days off in a row this weekend! I really have lost track of time…I keep saying I can’t believe it is Easter on Sunday even though it is super late this year. I have SO much stuff still do do…get stuff for baskets, take the kiddos to see the Bunny, dye our eggs, decide what we are taking to DH’s family dinner, finish cleaning the house because my mom is stopping over to bring the kiddos their baskets….the list goes on. I have to work the closing shift at work tonight…thank goodness there is another manager closing with me because we think it is gonna be a busy one! Last night we were slammed and almost doubled out budget for the day. It was awesome!!!

So here are some pictures to sum up this week since I wasn’t on here as much as I would like to have been…

Last Friday, the girl took a cake decorating class at my work. This lovely, frosting loaded cake was her creation after playing with the different tips. She was making a smiley face. LOL! Saturday was my friend. Melissa’s birthday and Jackie wanted to decorate a cake for her…the only problem is with the cake I made…I don’t like making white cakes and that was the mix we had. While she was decorating, the side fell off and she filled it with some icing. Poor thing was so upset about it. I told her next time we will make a chocolate cake!

This is Lizzy, Jackie’s gecko. I went into her room to tuck her in on Sunday and saw the gecko climbing the log thing in the aquarium to get to the crickets who were huddled at the top. I looked in and she looked around the log at me…so I ran to get the camera!

Monday brought us snow…again! I hope this was the last of it. Thankfully it was melted by the end of the day!

Here is a layout I did for the crop at Scrapadilly…it was for their color challenge! I am hoping to scrap some more when I get home from work tonight. 🙂

On Wednesday, Melissa came over to watch a movie and we worked on our recipes for the recipe club I have going on at work. 🙂 Found these cute cards in the Target dollar bin awhile back.

Wednesday night I picked up some crafty stuff to make spring/Easter decorations… I saw this cute Easter Egg Bouquet and wanted to make it. Mine is a little different…not so full and I still want to add a bow or tulle or something around it.

And the last picture for today is a fabric selection for a pennant banner that I want to make this weekend. I still need to pick up some solids but I am excited about making this project. 🙂

Have a great Friday!



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