Books, Books and more books!

It has been pretty busy here lately. Jackie turned 10 on the 8th. We had a birthday/Mother’s Day party here. The kiddos were out of school on the 9th and we had her friend party at Joann’s where they made some super cute duct tape purses (I made one too!) , the 12th was DH’s birthday and also Jackie’s Choir concert.  Besides all of that work has been crazy busy…seriously, 40 hours is not enough time to get everything done that I am responsible for…and I can’t go into overtime.

Lately, I have been spending the little down time that I have had reading or looking on Amazon for books for my kindle. I have been getting some cool ones for free or 99 cents! I now have over 600 books on it and each day I check the top 100 lists and get more! LOL! So I decided to go ahead and put a books read for the year at the top of the page so I can keep track of what all I have read this year. I LOVE reading and my Kindle was the BEST present DH has given me!!! This time of year is my big reading time – I usually am so bogged down that I don’t feel like doing anything except reading. This year I decided to read books outside of my usual genre…I am currently reading The Professor by Charlotte Bronte. It is definitely better than I expected. I am hoping to finish it up by the end of the week!!!

So I am off to read some more before bed…the next few days I have the opening shift at work. 🙂


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