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Summer Vacation!!!

Today was the last day of school for the kiddos! It is a love/hate situation for me…I love not having to be up early when I don’t work in the morning or after working an overnight BUT I am not looking forward to the kids fighting. They had a half day today and we went out bowling after but after that the arguing started already! YUCK! I seriously need to come up with some good punishments this summer! LOL!

We have lots planned- mostly little things around our area but we are excited. My Girl Scouts are planning on going through the summer.They want to do a book club which I think is cool. It will be a fun filled summer for sure! 🙂

Jackie and I made up a reading log today for the books that we are reading this summer. We are participating in several summer reading challenges. Borders and B&N both have a program for kids where they get a free book after reading so many. She is definitely excited about that…Ben not so much.

Speaking of reading…I have been reading as usual! Finished The Professor by Charlotte Bronte. Good book, seemed to take me forever to get through.

I purchased a 4 book set off Amazon called The Tea Series by Sheila Horgan. I have read the first two Hot Tea and Sweet Tea. I really like these ones. I just started the third book Iced Tea. Good books, funny but the main character sometimes rambles on a little too much. But even so I am still really  enjoying them!

Amazon has been having a ton of new books on the freebie list! Been picking those up. I definitely have tons to read this summer!!!

Off to read a bit before I head to bed. 🙂



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