Hot weather complaints & a movie night…

I know it is summertime and all but I hate when it gets into the 90s!!!! Everyone is crabby, tired and just not fun to be around! I have worked midshift at work the past few days which doesn’t make things any better!

Jackie has a summer cold going on right now. So it is causing a dramatic, complaining atmosphere in the house. Thankfully though she has pretty much locked herself in her room. I do feel bad a for her though…what a rotten way to start summer vacation.

Yesterday Ben went to the beach with the Musson’s.  He had a blast and came home slightly sunburned…the kid seriously needs to learn to use sunblock!  It is decided that we definitely need to purchase a park pass for our family this summer.

Benny and I had a movie night last night… We didn’t agree on a movie at first but he won with his selection of The Nutty Professor.  By the end of the movie, Ben was wiped out from all the fun in the sun so I continued my marathon of Bones on Netflix. Tonight I am back to watching Bones while snuggling with the puppy.

Off to bed…had an exhausting day and I have to be up early for an opening shift!!!

— Shannon


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