have you ever had a puppy that had mange? Donovan is the first puppy that I have ever had that has had it. A few weeks ago the poop pup started losing hair, itched like mad and his skin was irritated. I ended up taking him into the vet after researching online and I knew it was one of 2 things…1. manage or 2. Something called multiple drug resistance gene.

It ended up being #1. And because he is an Australian Shepherd, it has been a little more of a difficult process to treat. He cannot have certain drugs (one being Heart guard-heart worm medicine) and another is the mange medicine. They contain the same chemical. So the pup had to be on antibiotics for 2 weeks (ending this weekend) and every 2 weeks for 6 weeks, he needs to get this special dip. It was coming up on dip #2, soI decided to do it slightly early…his skin was looking a little irritated. It went surprisingly well! He is looking so much better and his hair is growing back!!!!

So after a long day at work, giving the pup a bath & his treatment and a little housework, I passed out on the couch while watching Bones on Netflix (I am in season 8 right now).


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