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Where did the week go?

Wow!  Can’t  believe how fast this week went.  Lots going on  from being crazy busy at work,  chopping my hair off (pictures to come),  stocking up on Project Life goodies,  dinners with the neighbors.  I have started a journal to write down  what’s been going on in our life.  It’s a lot of work but definitely worth it.  I am just hoping to find time to scrap soon.  Hopefully tomorrow after work and the car show my husband is participating in.  🙂

Here are a few more pictures from this week…

My goofy child...our picnic Thursday




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It’s Friday!!!

I cannot believe how fast this week has gone by. It seems like I have either been at work or I am catching up on sleep!!! I can’t wait to have 2 days off in a row this weekend! I really have lost track of time…I keep saying I can’t believe it is Easter on Sunday even though it is super late this year. I have SO much stuff still do do…get stuff for baskets, take the kiddos to see the Bunny, dye our eggs, decide what we are taking to DH’s family dinner, finish cleaning the house because my mom is stopping over to bring the kiddos their baskets….the list goes on. I have to work the closing shift at work tonight…thank goodness there is another manager closing with me because we think it is gonna be a busy one! Last night we were slammed and almost doubled out budget for the day. It was awesome!!!

So here are some pictures to sum up this week since I wasn’t on here as much as I would like to have been…

Last Friday, the girl took a cake decorating class at my work. This lovely, frosting loaded cake was her creation after playing with the different tips. She was making a smiley face. LOL! Saturday was my friend. Melissa’s birthday and Jackie wanted to decorate a cake for her…the only problem is with the cake I made…I don’t like making white cakes and that was the mix we had. While she was decorating, the side fell off and she filled it with some icing. Poor thing was so upset about it. I told her next time we will make a chocolate cake!

This is Lizzy, Jackie’s gecko. I went into her room to tuck her in on Sunday and saw the gecko climbing the log thing in the aquarium to get to the crickets who were huddled at the top. I looked in and she looked around the log at me…so I ran to get the camera!

Monday brought us snow…again! I hope this was the last of it. Thankfully it was melted by the end of the day!

Here is a layout I did for the crop at Scrapadilly…it was for their color challenge! I am hoping to scrap some more when I get home from work tonight. 🙂

On Wednesday, Melissa came over to watch a movie and we worked on our recipes for the recipe club I have going on at work. 🙂 Found these cute cards in the Target dollar bin awhile back.

Wednesday night I picked up some crafty stuff to make spring/Easter decorations… I saw this cute Easter Egg Bouquet and wanted to make it. Mine is a little different…not so full and I still want to add a bow or tulle or something around it.

And the last picture for today is a fabric selection for a pennant banner that I want to make this weekend. I still need to pick up some solids but I am excited about making this project. 🙂

Have a great Friday!


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Summer Fun & Lots of Goodies

Recently at work we redid the scrapbook section which means they have to get rid of the older stuff. It has been clearanced for some time but at Joann we usually do 3 markdowns before we donate to charity. With not scrapping I hadn’t really paid much attention to the clearance this year. When I saw a great deal, I would buy something…well, we have some awesome deals right now!!!

Here are some pictures of the goodies I have picked up recently…

There are only a few non-clearance items in these 2 pictures but I still got them on sale!!! Plus discount…not too shabby! Most of these things were 25 cents, 50 cents or 97 cents!!!

And my awesome deal is this little cart. Regular $80. Someone brought it back and said it was damaged…the bars bent and the bins discolored. I looked it over and didn’t see anything wrong with it so I picked it up at damaged price (which is non-refundable). With tax $10.60!!! Best part of it – there was NOTHING wrong with it!!!

Right now I have it upstairs in the dining room holding stuff for the mini album that I am working on. My friend Melissa has been coming over to scrap and my room downstairs (and the basement itself) is not ready for guests. It is working out great because I just throw the stuff right in when I am done.  🙂

Now for some summer fun goodness…the kids were outside playing in the sprinkler and I had to take some pictures, they were just looking too darn cute.

Can’t wait to scrap these and all the other ones that I got today!!!

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New Stuff!

As usual, it has been crazy busy here. I am really looking forward to summer vacation this year!!! I will even settle for the nice spring break we have this year. It is longer than it has been in the past and it couldn’t get here fast enough!

I have been busy creating  & organizing! I have been doing a lot of shopping lately too. I really need to go on a spending freeze!!!About a week or so ago, I was working and a lady came thru my line that had some clear stamps that were priced $4.97 and they rang up at 97 cents! As soon as my shift was over, I was all over that deal. Came home with 25 sets of stamps for under $22!!!

Check out these beauties!!!

97 cent stamps

A few days later, I got a call from work. The gal that is in charge of all of the classes & demos wanted me to demo the Cricut. I hadn’t touched a Cricut since they first came out and I was a bit nervous so with the awesome sale, I went out and bought the regular Cricut!!! And then it started…the addiction of Cricut Cartridges!!! I picked up one at work with my discount and then I bought 4 more off Ebay!!! I have had the machine for a week now and have 6 cartridges to go with it! LOL! One of the lss here rent out cartridges so I went out there to check out what they had – I really wanted the Disney Cars one but it was out and they put me on the waiting list. I ended up renting it the next day and have been playing with it since!!!  At first I did not like this whole paper piecing deal but now I love this cart!!! I will be sad when it goes back on Thursday!!!

Anyhow, here is a picture of my lovely Cricut and a few paper piecings I have done the past few days…


Oh!!! I also forgot to mention that I won the Homepage layout contest over at Scrap Happy!!! You can check out my Skater Girl layout here. I also won the monthly challenge – even though I did not make my goal, I still got a lot accomplished for February and I am happy bout that. I will post my new layouts later. 🙂

Thanks for stopping by!!!

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A Scrappy Kind of Week!

I have to say I am having the best week here…with nothing really going on (so far that is). I have been able to get some scrappy time in yesterday and today!!! I am so inspired this week by all of the different challenges on 2peas and also on Scrap Happy (a yahoo group that I joined yesterday)!!! Last night I completed 2-2 page layouts and today I have already finished one more!

Best of all I received my 2Peas order in the mail!!! YAY! I have to say I am totally impressed with them – first they give people 20 bucks worth of free product just for adding 20 layouts but the shipping was SUPER quick (and packaged great too)!!! They even gave a freebie onto of the $20 of merchandise – I received a baggy filled with Creative Cafe goodies and a 2Peas pin from CHA 09!!! How cool is that!

I have to say I will definitely be ordering from them again! 😀

Have a scrappy day!!!


Yay for Scrappy Shopping!!!

I love shopping for scrapbook supplies…there is just so much to chose from!!! However I am going to try to be good this year and use what I have first but yesterday I couldn’t resist. I had Christmas money burning a hole in my pocket! I got some really great deals too which makes it even better!!!

First, I headed out to Flower Factory – I was hoping to find the new set of Studio G stamps (at a discounted price of course since they are a whole sale store) but they didn’t have them What they did have was thickers!!! I was so excited to see them there!!! I got 9 packs for $15.50!!!


Next I headed to Best Buy (for Wii stuff)…I got another remote, a nunchuck, Mario Galaxy & Sims 2 Castaway. The kids had some money from Grandpa and we decided no more toys – they got so many from Santa!!!

My next stop was Target where I picked up some MM Noteworthy stuff and a few scrap goodies out of their dollar bin. I also got 16 little wicker baskets from the dollar spot. They were clearance to 25 cents a piece. They are pink & purple but I will probably spray paint them eventually.


And lastly, I stopped at Joann’s where I got everything on sale!!! They had a coupon that gave me 10% off my total! Woohoo!!!

I picked up 4 Hello Kitty dies (I got one the night before)…all at 40% off!!!


A paper pack on clearance, Studio G glitter glue, a cutting pad for the ling Sizzix dies, 2 packs of felted embellishments by La-Di-Dah that were on clearance and a travel stamps!


And the Studio G Series 26 stamps!!! Valentine’s Day, Easter & St. Patricks themed stamps!!! I was exctied to find these! What I forgot to photo was the Fiskar’s Finger Craft Knife! Very cool!!!


And then Friday night I picked up this stuff (also posted on my photo blog)…


Now all that is left is for me to clean my scraproom so I can use all of this stuff!

Have a scrappy day!


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I got the news that I made the Design Team for the lss!!! It is called I Luv Scrapbooking and I am going in tomorrow to pick up my layouts and get the details of the position!!! I am so excited to start this…I officially start November 1st.

Yesterday, I took a road trip up to Hobby Lobby and met my friend Leslie there for some shopping. Bought WAY too much stuff – but had to make the 2-hour round trip worth it, right? Leslie mentioned a newer scrapbook store that was on my way home so I had to stop in there too…they are the only local place that carries refills for my tape gun!!!! Thanks for the tip Leslie!!! Spent some more money there and then headed home. I was hoping to find time to play with my new goodies but I had a Brownie field trip at the Nature Center. And by the time I got home I was exhausted…bummer!

Needless to say, after all the shopping lately, I am putting myself on a spending freeze…with one exception! I am waiting for those Birthday themed Studio G stamps to come into the lss. When they do, I am buying those babies!!!

Anyhow, Jackie has dance in a bit and then I am coming home to scrap!!! I will post pictures of my newest stash when I get home!!!

Thanks for stopping by! 🙂